Padma Awards Becoming a Joke

Indian national awards like Padma shri, Padma bibhushan are increasingly becoming a joke. Everyone knew that a lot of politics goes behind the decision making. Pandit Yashraj made his displeasure clear when Pandit Ravishankar was awarded Bharat Ratna. It is well known how Prime Mininister Bajpayee had honoured his knee surgeon with Padma award. Not to be out done, UPA government, honer Sant Singh Chatwal with Padma award. Chatwal apparently had lobbied with US government for indo – US nuclear deal. To lower the dignity of awards even more,  now potential awardee can be seen or heard complaining or lobbying using the media for their selection or voicing concern about competitors selection. A case in point is Saina Nehwal. She first complained about not being nominated for Padma Bibhushan award, although she holds a Padma Shri. Government has agreed to consider Saina’s case for a Padma Bibhushan, even if it has come late. Taking the clue from Saina, now boxer Vijender Singh has also jumped into the fray for an award. It is a matter of great debate what exactly have Saina and Vijendar done to demand a Padma Bibhusan?  
Saina Nehwal is a middle class success story. She has worked hard and reached where she is on the basis of her merit and not with the help of any godfather. Saina’s parents have also dedicated their lives to make their daughter successful. Now Saina’s financial future is also secure.  Saina has a multi crore rupee contract, thanks to sponsors like Airtel and others. 
The best thing I liked about Saina is that she had let her racquet do the talking. She had put her head down, kept her mouth shut and worked hard. That is where Saina stands apart from the likes of Jwala Gutta. I was disappointed to hear Saina complain about not being considered for Padma award. Has it come to this that sports people will demand to be considered for an award? Saina is still young. She could have waited and maintained her dignity and innate decency. People in the world know her for her prowess in the badminton court. Getting a Padma award will not make any difference in Saina’s life. That too, when Saina already is bestowed with a Padma Shri.
Personally, I think awards are to be given and not claimed. But it appears that most Indians young and old think differently and are not averse to come out in public demanding their right to the honour. I think in changing time, even quiet and decent people lose their mind. Still love Saina, a middle class heroine, but she has left her admirer disappointed.
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