Who Killed Sunanda Pushkar?

Everyday our news space is plastered with stories on mystery sorrounding death of Sunanda Pushkar. There is a lot of speculation, floating around the public domain. Was Mr Tharoor responsible for her death? Did he arrange it? Certainly, Mr Tharoor did not do it himself, because Mr Tharoor was at the CWC meeting. Well, nothing in public domain suggest remotely involvement of Mr. Tharoor, how so ever remote, in the matter. So far there are only innuendos and speculations about possibilities. 

Mr. Shashi Tharoor and Ms. Sunanda Pushkar lead a high profile lives. Both of them were good looking, polished, and had lot of money. Shashi Tharoor, I do not know about Sunanda Pushkar, is a well read person with opinions on a variety of subjects. The couple got married hardly five years before. It was third wedding for both Mr. Tharoor and Ms. Pushkar. What could have come in between two people in love, that one person was ready to kill the other?

It has come out that Mr Tharoor and Ms Pushkar were fighting. Well, which couple does not fight. Several journalists have claimed that Sunanda Pushkar had told them that Shashi Tharoor was having an affair with a Pakistani journalist. Ms. Pushkar had also apparently said that, she had taken blame for Mr. Tharoor’s shady business dealings in buying a cricket club in Indian Premier League of cricket. In today’s day and age, rich and powerful have many avenues to conduct their extra-marital affairs. It is difficult to understand, why some one would do so openly in full public view using Twitter as medium?

It has been said that Ms. Pushkar was probably poisoned using Polonium. Polonium is a radioactive material. To transport it and administer it, one may need specialised equipment and training. How could polonium be smuggled into India and then administered into Ms. Pushkar? Polonium has a long half life. So far no report of radioactive material in Ms. Pushkar’s biological samples has come out?  One can measure radioactivity easily in India. It is strange that such a path was not followed. Where are the contaminated gloves, syringe and needle, contaminated vial, and how come not a single trace of radioactivity detectable any where in the room, or bed sheet? Strange, may be highly professional job! Only time and proper investigation will tell.

It is important to understand that Ms Puskar had reached an age where she was probably going through physiological / biological change in her body, called menopause. We do not know for sure,   but at the age of 50+ years, many women reach stage preceding menopause and menopause. Due to hormonal imbalance a lot of changes happen in physical and psychological space of a woman. One consequence of menopause could be irritability and proneness to suspicion. Could it be possible to lack of faith in Mr. Tharoor’s fidelity was result of such psychological change in Ms. Pushkar?

It has been claimed that Ms. Pushkar was suffering from auto-immune disease like Lupus Erythematosus. Although many others have disputed such a claim. In any case Ms. Pushkar was taking a lot of medicines. It has been claimed that, Ms. Pushkar was not having proper sleep. At least one interview in NDTV indicated so. Could medicines have played a role in altering Ms. Pushkar’s mood? Drugs can play havoc, if not taken properly. There can be drug – drug interactions also, if too many of them are taken simultaneously. 

Could it be possible Ms. Pushkar had made her comments about Mr. Tharoor’s extra-marital affairs under influence of inherent altered psychology and effect of different drugs thereof? Only time and police enquiry will shed more light. We must certainly seek justice for Sunanda Pushkar, if she was indeed murdered. Till the time it is proven otherwise, we should leave Mr. Tharoor alone.

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