Letter Bomb

For long many journalists and political commentators had suspected extra-constitutional power of Gandhi family in the affairs of UPA government. Many felt vindicated when a letter written by Ms. Jayanthi Natrajan to her party chief Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, was leaked to Hindu group of news papers.  In her letter, Ms. Natarajan had claimed that she was fired from her post as cabinet minister of environment and forest, and as congress party spokes person at the behest of Mr. Rahul Gandhi, congress party vice president. 

Ms. Natarajan also claimed that she had followed advice of Mr. Rahul Gandhi, as solemn directive, and withheld environmental clearance to many projects that could have brought investment to country. Ms. Natarajan also claimed that after asking her to resign, Mr. Gandhi went to FICCI meeting and declared that the impediment to industrial growth would be removed.

This letter, explosive as it is, opens up a lot of questions. 

  • Many people had been claiming that during UPA government rule, Gandhi family had extraconstitutional powers. So they could overturn government / cabinet decisions without being directly accountable. A case in point, being Mr. Rahul Gandhi had torn apart a government ordinance, cleared by cabinet, in full public view. At the time, prime minister was outside the country. No matter how bad the ordinance was, can a non cabinet member tear up an ordinance? Does this not reek of extra-constitutional power?

  • Many had complained that Gandhi family had put loyalists in key ministries. Jayanthi Natarajan would be one such person. These loyalists would defy prime minister, resist cabinet pressure and do bidding of the family. Since Gandhi family were against environmental degradation, Ms. Natarajan did not clear files.

  • So question arises, if Ms.Natarajan was doing Mr. Gandhi’s bidding, why was she asked to leave? Does this indicate that Mr. Gandhi was ready to give order, but was not accountable to its consequences. So when going went tough, Mr. Gandhi simply asked Ms. Natarajan to leave. This may save the day for Mr. Gandhi, but reflects poorly on Mr. Gandhi’s leadership.

Many loyalists of Gandhi family have come out to shield Mr. Gandhi from criticism. It has been said to the media that

  • Mr. Gandhi did not issue directive, but simply passed on requests from interested parties to environment minister. The fact that Ms. Natarajan followed requests from Mr. Gandhi’s office so literally, means there is more to the directive than plain request. This also reflects poorly on Ms. Natarajan that she instead of following Indian constitution, Indian prime minister and Indian cabinet, was doing bidding for a family and its interest.

  • Some had claimed that Ms. Natarajan was corrupt. Mr. Modi himself had alluded to Jayanthi tax, in pre-election rally. Mr. Anand Sharma of congress, who used to be commerce minister, had claimed that industrialists had complained bitterly about environement ministry bitterly in CII meeting. Question then arises, if congress party was aware of wrong doings of Ms. Natarajan, why did they tolerate her for so long and why did the party not institute an enquiry and police case against her?

  • Ms. Natarajan also claimed that she was asked to lead charge against Mr. Narendra Modi on snoop gate. Interference of Gandhi family in government affairs has been suspected for long, now Ms. Natarajan’s letter sort of confirms the same. f clearance for projects of industrialists perceived to be closer to BJP were shelved, who can say about numerous cases that were foisted by CBI against chief minister and home minister of Gujarat on fake encounter case. 

Finally, Ms. Natarajan claimed she had not leaked the letter to press. Then who did it? Is more dirt likely to come out?

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