Land Acquisition Bill : Dare to Dream

In every society, we see battle between different ideologies. One side wants to dreams big and willing to take risk. Other side is risk averse, wants to maintain status quo and looks for short term gain. Same scenario is being played out in Indian political scenario, ever since NDA government has brought amendment to  Land Acquisition,... Continue Reading →

Elected vs. Nominated Whose Idea Should Prevail?

India has been at cross roads of two distinct ideas since national election of 2014. Party that got elected getting popular support wants to build roads, rails, ports, housing, schools, hospitals etc. Yet efforts of elected members are blocked by members that are nominated and occupy Rajya Sabha, upper house of parliament. In Rajya Sabha,... Continue Reading →

Where Do We Draw the Line?

No sooner had the controversy over telecast of "India's Daughter" settled, another incidence came to occupy collective psyche of the nation. This time rape of a seventy one year old nun in West Bengal. Many Indians who objected to telecast of "India's Daughter" on the ground that it will give India and Indians a bad... Continue Reading →

Beauty of Indian Democracy

Hardly ten days before, it was so beautiful to see the prime minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi, and the chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K), Mr. Mufti Mohammad Sayeed were hugging each other. Occasion was historic alliance between two political parties, from diametrically opposite ends of the political spectrum, to give good governance... Continue Reading →

Create System to Tackle Corruption

After the landslide victory of AAP in Delhi, chief minister Mr. Arvind Kejriwal declared Delhi will be the first corruption free state in India. The sounded sweet to corruption battered ears of average Delhite. Question is how to tackle corruption? Mr. Kejriwal suggested “if anyone asks for bribe, do not resist. Record the conversation and... Continue Reading →

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