Beauty of Indian Democracy

Hardly ten days before, it was so beautiful to see the prime minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi, and the chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K), Mr. Mufti Mohammad Sayeed were hugging each other. Occasion was historic alliance between two political parties, from diametrically opposite ends of the political spectrum, to give good governance to the state. Many optimistic observers felt that two parties had put their differences in the back burner for the sake of the people of the state. The state has long suffered because of militancy and more recently due to ravaging flood. Many people were made homeless to face biting cold in winter months. 

Even before the honeymoon had started, chinks started to appear in the marriage. First, chief minister of J&K praised Pakistan, hardliners and separatists for peaceful election in the state. I personally felt, there was nothing wrong in the statement. May be chief minister was trying to sound conciliatory on a big day. His daughter, Ms. Mehbooba Mufti also stood by her father on the reconciliation theory, reiterating her party’s position on making peace with Pakistan. She even stressed how people from other side of the border are enamoured by Indian democracy.

One cannot, however, discount the fact that chief minister did not  praise good work of election commission of India. He did not talk about Pakistan sponsored attempt at disruption of election. A security force officer and a police person lost their lives. Above all, people of J&K who had come out in large numbers to vote. Alliance partner of chief minister, BJP had to state this position in Indian parliament amid opposition charges.

The demand to handover the mortal remains of Mr. Afzal Guru, a self proclaimed terrorist, who has sentenced to death in jail, and release of Mr. Masarat Alam, a known hardliner from jail further complicated lives in Delhi. Although it is emerging that BJP was also to blame for release of Mr. Alam, because the state was under government rule. It can be argued that PDP could have warned her alliance partner of the impending fiasco. A silver lining in the matter remains BJP government at centre respected sovreignty of the state in the matter of law of order and did not interfere beyond noise and fury.

Rest of India should let BJP and PDP to peacefully live their married lives for the betterment of state of J&K and India. I  think, BJP – PDP government has to tread the coalition path very cautiously following the narrow path of common minimum program. There are a lot of people disgruntled with the alliance, read congress, national conference, shiv sena etc, ready to pounce on the collaboration and would be more than happy if it breaks. 

BJP – PDP alliance in J&K depicts the beauty of Indian democracy, when two parties from opposite ends of the political divide join hands for greater common good. What a moment when separatist leader Sajjad Lone joining government after getting elected. Right wing BJP and soft separatist PDP compromised their sharp edges to form government in greater common good for the people. This is beauty of India democracy and I am so proud. God bless my India.

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