Where Do We Draw the Line?

No sooner had the controversy over telecast of “India’s Daughter” settled, another incidence came to occupy collective psyche of the nation. This time rape of a seventy one year old nun in West Bengal. Many Indians who objected to telecast of “India’s Daughter” on the ground that it will give India and Indians a bad name should have to think about the latest incidence. We must understand that instead of hiding dust under a rug, we should take the bull by horn.

Several questions arise as a result of the terrible incidence in West Bengal. The state is headed by a feisty chief minister, who not only is a lady, she is a grass roots leader. In spite of this, in last couple of years many cases of rape have surfaced in the state. In the earlier times, honourable chief minister not only belittled hapless victims, she went out of her way to brand victims to be plants  of opposition political parties.  Like many other Indian states, West Bengal too has deep rooted nexus between politicians and criminals. Many a times, state politicians have been alleged to shelter heinous criminals. A bold police officer, who happened to solve a high profile case of sexual assault, was transferred to manage traffic. Under such an environment, it is not unlikely police would not be motivated enough to solve cases of rape, or for that matter any other case.

Many people have argued that in the matter of rape, law and order machinery may have little to do. What is important is position of women in the society and general respect women command in societal structure. In many advanced democracies and developed countries, women are used as commodity in different adult videos, adult magazines and in strip clubs. Yet incidence of violent rape of women is relatively rare in countries like US and in countries of Europe. If such an incidence comes to light, police swings into action almost instantaneously. Once perpetrators are caught, a prompt justice is delivered. In India, our policing is slow. A case in point being inspite of faces of four people being telecast on nation wide TV, it took police more than eight hours to detain these people. No arrest has yet been made. Assume, all accused are produced before the courts, it will take many years before a judgement is actually delivered.

People who leave society in search of higher truth, have always been revered in our society. These people are always put on the highest pedestal available to society. Rape of nun shatters that tradition. Criminals not only destroyed sanctity of a body dedicated to the work of god, they also ignored the fact that the victim was  past her active sexual age. In our depravity and quest for sexual gratification, have we stooped so low that no one is spared be it a toddler or an elderly woman, as long as the object is breathing? A nation that gets petrified at the thought of Nirbhaya documentary been shown to the world, certainly has a lot to think about.

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