On the Way to Alwar

Earlier this year all of a sudden a decision was made to visit Alwar. Honestly, I was not very excited. Anyway, I was persuaded to take the trip. Alwar is hardly 3 hour motor journey from Delhi. We took Jaipur – Delhi highway. We could have taken state highway at Daruhera. We, however, decided to move on till Behror along the  NH 8. From Behror, Alwar is hardly 45 minutes. We took a left at Narnaul – Behror – Alwar road from NH8, coming from Delhi.  by a state highway. Condition of two lane state highway was reasonably good, without any crater or pot hole. As we drove along, I realised it would have been my loss if I had not agreed to come. I could never imagine Rajasthan has so many hills and so much greenery. As we drive towards Jaipur from Delhi, we miss so many beautiful places on the way.
Qila Tatarpur
On the way we first saw Qila Tatarpur. We did not enter the fort. People said the fort is in a state of ruin. I gathered that this fort is nearly 350 years old situation atop a hill in village Tatarpur. At the present time, the fort has been acquired by some hospitality group to create a high end spa.
Hitching a Ride
As we moved on towards Alwar, I came across two sheep hitching a ride on a bike. But seriously, this was an unique way of transporting sheep if you do not have access to a four wheeler truck. Lower extremity of goat was supported by a gunny bag. The animal did not appear too restless. Can this be called cruelty to animal? I do not know.


To enter Alwar from Behror side one has to cross this big hillock. A tunnel has been dug through it. As shown in picture, tunnel is reasonably long. However, it was pitch dark inside. In an usual negligent way, tiles and other construction material were strewn inside the tunnel. So one had to be careful while driving.



On the other side of the tunnel Alwar city limits started. Alwar was a reasonably clean small Rajasthani town. Alwar is the district head quarter. We had no pre booked address. So we decided to try our luck in the circuit house. Fortunately, we got two rooms, each with attached bathroom, for 1500 rupees per night. If a person is on official tour, the rent can come down even more. Rooms were spacious double bedded with high windows opening into green lawn. Bathrooms were big with hot water facility. Only caveat was rooms were not cleaned on a regular basis, unlike hotels. One could also order food by paying extra at the circuit house. Menu, however, is very limited and mostly vegetarian in nature. After a brief rest, we embarked on our Alwar sightseeing. That is topic for next time.
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