One Rally, One Death, A Few Questions

Gajendra Singh, a farmer from Dausa district of Rajasthan came to Delhi to attend a rally organised by AAP Party to highlight plight of farmers in the country due to land acquisition bill being introduced by BJP lead NDA government at the centre. When the chief minister of Delhi and AAP supremo Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, was promising farmers that he would not allow forcible takeover of farm land in Delhi and he will give sufficient compensation to distressed farmers, Gajendra Singh climbed up a tree in front of encouraging crowd, put a noose around his neck and hung himself. Mr. Kejrwal instead of terminating his rally and aiding the farmer in his last moment, continued with his speech blaming the Narendra Modi lead BJP government at the centre for their anti-farmer policies. Funny, considering Delhi has so little farm land and so few farmers. 

The tragic incidence gave opportunity to political parties to grind their axe. 

Congress party claimed it was because prime minister Modi’s land acquisition bill, there is an atmosphere of gloom among farmers in the country. This gloom and doom lead to death of Gajendra Singh. Such fickle is public memory, that congress spokes people forgot to mention how many farmers had lost their lives during congress rules in recent and distant past. Congress party wanted an FIR be filed against Narendra Modi. Funny by that logic, Assam Chief Minister should be in jail, because he neglected intelligence input on impending terrorist strike by Bodo militants that resulted in loss of many lives.

AAP claimed it was a conspiracy to defame AAP. Why would someone be persuaded by a third party to give up his life so that AAP’s rally can be disturbed? Is that not tantamount to abetment to suicide or homicide? 

  • AAP also claimed because Delhi Police was not in their control, police did not listen to their request to pull down Gajendra Singh.

BJP went into its sanctimonius way of not politicizing the issue. But at every step they politicized the issue by blaming Arvind Kejriwal for not stopping his Modi bashing.

When someone kills himself there must be something that is terribly gone wrong. This wrong must be investigated and corrected. The following are my take on the incidence:

1. Commonly, depressed people kill themselves in a secluded place. However, when someone wants to draw attention to an issue, which is backed by political party, they try to commit suicide in full public view. Many young men set themselves on fire during anti Mandal commission stir in late eighties. Could Gajendra Singh suicide be related to AAP rally on plight of farmer?

2. It is important to understand who brought Gajendra Singh to AAP rally in Delhi and what did they promise to give him? According to news paper report (Hindustan Times, 23rd April, 2015), Gajendra Singh wanted to meet Mr. Kejriwal.

3. No one in the rally stopped Gajendra Singh from doing what he was doing in public view. Mr. Kejriwal continued with his speech for full one hour after Gajendra’s demise. All these may suggest the whole suicide bid was a charade being acted out  with tacit understanding of leadership. However, the plot of the drama had  gone horribly wrong. 

4. The deceased was not a marginal subsistence farmer. He owned close to a hectare of land (10 acres). He claimed in his suicide note that his father had thrown him out of the house. According to news paper report, his father is ageing and they are having a marriage in their extended family.

5. The deceased had fought two assembly elections unsuccessfully using Samajwadi Party ticket. So he was influential enough to garner a party ticket. He would in all proabability have been aware to government schemes to help distressed farmers. It is unusual that he did not get any aid. This aspect must also be investigated. 

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