Nirbhaya Reviisited

After Nirbhaya a young girl was thrown out of a moving bus. She died. As a replica of Nirbhaya story, here also the bus picked up the girl and her mother, so that driver, conductor and their assistants can have some fun. With the grace of God, this girl was not raped or disembowelled. But God in India can only do so much. By the time God could take his attention away from other crisis and come to her rescue, girl had lost her life after being thrown out of the moving vehicle. God could only save her mother, who was also pushed out.

Now to the matter of accountability. The bus belonged to Badal family. The family rules Punjab.  Shri Sukhbir Badal, who happens to own the bus company “Orbit Aviation Ltd.”, is deputy chief minister of Punjab. Ms. Harsimrat Kaur, wife of Sukhbir Singh Badal, also a director in the company, is a minister in central government. If these people cannot run a Transport Company properly, how can they run the state and central ministry?

It has come to light that Shri Sukhbir Badal has ordered the buses of the company to be taken of the road. He has also asked his employees in the bus company to go for orientation course. Questions emerge, 

  • Are these measures not too little too late? 
  • Why were these rapists and murderers given permission to run a bus? 
  • Why their antecedents not checked? 
  • Why did the bus not have CC TV camera installed? 
  • Why did the bus have tinted glass windows and curtains? 

Probably all these would not have still saved the girl from predators, at least there would be some mechanism to instil fear of law that some one is watching.

Mr. Badal and Ms. Badal have condemned the incident. They have said law will take its own course. But will it? With Mr. Sukhbir Badal as deputy chief minister of Punjab, how can justice be delivered to the family of dead girl? 

  • Report has emerged that police have arrested wrong people as driver and conductor. Whereas, original accused were young people, police have arrested two relatively old people. Who are these people, police is trying to protect?
  • While bus was empty, police have accumulated 45 people as travelling by bus.  All these people will likely provide evidence that the girl was mentally unstable and jumped on her own.
  • Mother of the girl, who was also pushed out of the bus, was not even called for identification of accused. 
  • Father of the girl has alleged that he was asked to sign blank documents by police.

If all these do not suggest an attempt by police to bolster the case in favour of the accused, then what is it? This attempt will continue as long as Mr. Sukhbir Badal stays as deputy chief minister of Punjab. Several political parties, congress and AAP, have asked for resignation of Mr. Badal. I think, in all fairness, Mr. Badal should quit his post for the following reasons :

  • People who swear to uphold law of the land at the time of swearing in ceremony, should not get away by flouting rule of law in such brazen manner. 

  • Higher the position, higher should be responsibility and higher should the quantum of punishment. Mr. Sukhbir Badal must quit.

  • How can Mr. Badal run the state of Punjab, when he cannot run his transport company properly? 

The death of the girl was not an accident, it was pure hooliganism by members of Mr. Badal’s staff. He must take moral responsibility and quit. In any other civilised country police should be already looking for him. In India we have not taken any lesson after horrible assault on Nirbahaya. We only get upset when male mindset is exposed by a foreigner by interviewing the rapist. God save us.

1. @htTweets: Moga bus horror: Victim’s distraught mother insists police have caught wrong people

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