Justice At last, Really!

After nearly 13 years judgement was pronounced on Salman Khan hit and run case. Salman Khan was convicted and sentence to five years rigorous imprisonment. Salman Khan’s lawyers got interim bail from high court, so that Salman will not be arrested for at least for two more days. Already 13 years have passed between incidence and judgement. By all indication, Salman Khan will certainly go to higher court. Another 13 to 20 years in high court! Again, if unacceptable verdict is delivered, Salman will go to Supreme Court. May be case will be settled in next 30 years. Salman will be seventy plus by then. Some justice, indeed!

I like Salman Khan. He has done a lot of good things. No dating Katrina Kaif is not included. He has worked for poor and deprived. His charity has also probably taken care of family of accident victims. Does this absolve Salman of an act committed under influence of alcohol? Although, Salmans lawyers have presented a driver of the family to take the blame. Some well wishers also claim 200 crore of business relying on Salman Khan.

Point is can a human life be equated in terms of money? No matter how poor how penniless.  Also can society condone an act because we like a person? We may pray for Salman Khan. But Salman Khan must own up and face the judgement. I am reminded of a poetry by Rabindranath Tagore, where Gandhari urges blind king Dhirtarashtra to punish Duryodhana for his transgression against Draupadi and Pandavas. King said “Duryodhana is my son, how can I punish him”. Then Gandhari replied, “Your majesty, best judgement is when a person  delivering punishment also cries in agony with the person being punished“. Let us all cry for Salman Khan and his family and pray Salman serves his punishment.

Finally, do we even know the names of people died and injured?  One person died, several others injured severely enough not to be able to do manual work anymore. These people have not got any compensation for past 13 years, unlikely they will get anything till the case lasts. A few poor but working people literally made jobless and paupers in one mistake done by a drunk super rich film actor. What about these people? Who is thinking about these people and their suffering? These are poor people, not good looking, sleep on the pavement and do manual labor. Think about them, shed a few tears for them also. It reminds me of the song from Pyaasa,

Jaalo tho jalaa tho, phook daalo yeh duniya, 
tumahare hai, tumhi sambhalo yeh duniya
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