A Mirror to Reality That is India

Salman Khan got convicted then got bail. He did not have to go to jail. I get the point that many poor people do not get bail this fast. They languish in jail. So Salman Khan who was convicted of killing a man did not have to spend time in jail. But Salman did not get acquitted. Court will hear him again. 

It is a fair point many other less privileged do not hope for such luck.  Rich can certainly afford high end lawyers, that most others do not have access to, who take many contingency measures and prepare for battles in anticipation. I do not think nothing wrong in Salman getting bail, that is the legal system of the land. In stead of making a debate on rich vs. poor, why not debate availability of high quality lawyers and speedy justice for everyone. Come to think of it, best law students either opt for corporate law or are lapped by big firms. Very few want to fight cases for government, where resources are limited, salary is modest at best.

Many came out in support of Salman Khan. Some suggested if a dog sleeps on street, he dies a dog’s death. It was insensitive statement even at best of time. Here a poor man died. A few others got disabled permanently to do any work. If they were fortunate enough to hire a room even in slums of Dharavi, would they sleep on pavement? It is the ugly reality of India. Our villages are not livable, there is no employment opportunity there, so people migrate to cities in search of work to our overcrowded cities and sleep on the street. Police should stop them, but police is confused about where these people would go. So police take bribe and let poor people to their fate. It is time to make villages liveable, create more cities so that people can find meaningful employment close to their home.

At the same time I am angry at other side of the story. Channels are running story full time in the name of poor and justice. Behind the charade is money and TRP. In one channel an anchor was angry and agitated that bollywood actors visiting Salman Khan. There may be some degree of psychofancy, but is that not there in all relationship? We cosy up to powerful in bad times to show that we stand by them. That apart, it is not unfair to expect everyone should  shun Salman at his time in life when he is very down. That is when one needs family and friends. I think self righteous indignation is nauseating. 

Finally, Salman is guilty. He is convicted. He has done some good things and some bad things. He even deposited money for victims, it did not get disbursed for 13 years. He may be a brash arrogant youth, he has tried to change. May be he did. May be he did not. He will have to answer to higher court on earth or in heaven. Let the man live. 

Rest of India, instead of being preachy, should work
i. to make speedy justice available every Indian, 
ii. speedy disbursement of compensation money to victims of accidents. All victims of Salman Khan case are jobless and penniless. They do not care about Salman Khan’s jail. They want money and/or job.
iii. Make road accidents prohibitively expensive. Not only victims have to be compensated and rehabilitated for their lives, there should be jail term for violating road safety and endangering public life. Present government has majority in parliament. They can change the law if convinced.
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