All Police Men not Crooks , All Citizens not Saints

Every once in a while we encounter events in our lives that shake us out of our comfort zone. Because, instead of the other person, this could have been anyone of us. One such incidence was a video that shows a traffic police constable hitting with a stone a lady commuter on a two wheeler. The whole incidence was happening right infront of young children of the woman. 

The video clip had gone viral.  

  • Police commissioner of Delhi had ordered summary dismissal of the constable from service and a criminal case was initiated against the constable. 

  • Delhi high court had taken up the case as a public interest litigation on a priority basis. 

  • Chief Minister of Delhi had met the woman and assured her of all assistance in meeting her hospital expenses. 

  • Media houses had picked up the story. Media house debated the story how indisciplined, poorly trained our police officers are. How poorly police treats common citizens while becoming totally obsequious infront of politicians etc. All requests by police spokes people on the program to wait for enquiry report to come out fell in deaf ear.

As the investigation progressed a lot of things started to unravel, as follows:

According to the version told by the woman commuter, policeman was demanding a bribe on the pretext that she had jumped a red light. As she refused, police officer broke the tail light of lady’s two wheeler. She in retaliation, hit police man’s bike with a stone. Enraged constable threw a stone at the lady. Delhi high court, however, observed that the woman was changing her version as she gave interview to different channels. 

An audio clip has emerged where the police officer is heard asking for papers and not bribe, the case has taken a spin. Police record showed it is the constable who phoned PCR van about a misbehaving woman. Woman made her call later.

 The same people that were baying for blood of police, are now saying, albeit, in a muted voice that police constable should not have been fired without proper enquiry. 

  • Whatever, may be the reason a policeman in uniform cannot beat up a citizen in broad day light, more so if the citizen is a woman. I think, police and general public should get the following messages:

  • The practice of TV channels taking up cudgel on behalf general public is commendable. 

  • Channels would be better adviced not to act as judge and jury to proclaim someone guilty in the absence of complete information. 

  • TV channels should insist on speedy investigation and report release rather than taking up the role of judge and jury.

  • It is high time we wait for an enquiry to be over before we take drastic action against a government servant. 

  • There should be more technology like camera and voice recorder fitted to police constables. This may record exact events when police stop a citizen violating rule of law

  • Police should work in pairs, one man and one woman. In communally sensitive area one member should be from minority community.

At the end of the day, police must behave with citizens, similarly citizens have to obey rule of law. Not all citizens on the street are saints, nor every policeman is a devil incarnate. Both come from the same society. 

Times of India, May 14, 2015 : In Constable’s Audio Recording He Does Not Come Off As Culprit

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