Around Alwar II

Alwar is a living city, may not be in present shape and form, for many centuries. There are many places to visit within town and slightly away from the town. These do not include Sariska Tiger Reserve or Bhangarh Fort or Siliserh Lake. Within the city, the following places a visitor can go. These include the,  1. Moti Doongri, 2. Palace Complex, 3. City Museum, 4. Moosie Maharani Ki Chatri, 5. Bala Quila (permission needed to go up the fort), 6. Company Bag, 7. Kalakand Factory, 8. Karni Mata Temple, 9. Hanuman Temple and 10. Vijay Mandir Palace (it was closed for visitors).
Vijay Mandir Palace is on the outskirts of the town as one come in from Behror on National Highway 8. The palace, we were shown picture of at circuit house, was built by the lake. Appearance of the palace was like a ship docking at the harbour. We could not see the palace, because there was some family issue and the property was closed for visitors.


On our way back from Siliserh Lake, we visited Moti Doongri, situated on top of a small hill. It was evening time. Many citizens had come there for spending their evening with families. The palace was renovated by Sawai Man Singh II. We were told that Moti Doongri used to be a palace where parties were organised for the royals. The fort was built in the style of Scottish castle. 
Moti Doongri Palace
Moti Doongri Palace


Moti Doongri Palace
The ciy palace houses the city museum. Moosie Maharani ki Chatri was also slightly beyond the city palace complex. One can enter the palace complex through a gate shown below. Present day Alwar collectors office is located in the complex. The place is full of lawyers, police and all sorts of people some are complainants and others accused. 


Gate of Collectorate
Once inside the gate, one can get an unobstructed view of the Bala Qila. To me this was the most interesting historical site in Alwar. Apparently, emperor Jahangir had spent time in the fort, after Akbar had banished him. The fort is on top of a big hill overlooking the town. To go up the fort, one needs permission of district collector or police superintendent. Anyway, we did not go up because neither did we have permission not were we fit enough for the climb. 
A View of Bala Qila from Collectorate
Bala Qila on Top of the Hill
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