Lalit Modi Saga : Where Lies the Truth

Recently, the NDA government at centre was celebrating corruption free one year in office. Several veteran leaders of the congress party retorteded,  give some time cases will bubble up to the top. Were they prophetic or predicting something that they knew. Whatever, may be the case, someone's prayers has been answered, so it seems. Since... Continue Reading →

Magpie Robin Family

We had placed several bird boxes in our balcony. Idea was to help endangered sparrows to find them suitable for nesting.   Bird Box Sparrows did not come. Indian mynahs had occupied at least two of the boxes. They are noisy and ready to protect their box aggressively. A mynah peeping out of one of... Continue Reading →

Bird Sighting in Our Balcony

We had put bird feed and water in our balcony. Many birds came to drink water, take a dip and nibble on bird feed. Most of the birds were very shy and flew away at the sight of humans. I have tried to photography some of the birds that visited our balcony.Purple SunbirdRed Vented BulbulOriental Magpie... Continue Reading →

Sushma Swaraj : Tied Down By Personal Bonds

 Moral dilemma of choosing right over wrong has been around since antiquity. In Mahabharata, the blind king Dhritarashtra's dilemma became evident when he had to choose between Kauravas and Pandvas, as the rightful ruler of the kingdom of Indraprastha. Dhritarashtra knew Kauravas had cheated in the game of dice, he knew Kauravas had disrobed and... Continue Reading →

A Glimpse of Wildlife at Bhangarh

As we were walking towards Bhangarh palace, two huge trees occupied each side of the trail near the palace gate. One tree was occupied by a langoor family. The second one was a den of monkey family. Langoor Family Relaxing on the Porch Above, langoor family elders, most probably male members, seated leisurely in their den. Below,... Continue Reading →

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