A Glimpse of Wildlife at Bhangarh

As we were walking towards Bhangarh palace, two huge trees occupied each side of the trail near the palace gate. One tree was occupied by a langoor family. The second one was a den of monkey family. 

Langoor Family Relaxing on the Porch

 Above, langoor family elders, most probably male members, seated leisurely in their den. Below, ladies with a new born member of the family. Please note this baby does not yet have proper coat. It must be very young.

Baby Langoor with Mother
Another photo of baby languor with mother, below. Langoor mother was not very aggressive when I tried to photograph her baby.

Baby Langoor with Mother
Monkey family members were also seated on their balcony. Some young members were as usual monkeying around.

Moneky Family
Monkey family also had a new member. This baby also appeared quite young, without proper coat. Unlike languor mother, monkeys were more aggressive and threatening when I tried to picture the baby.
New Member in Monkey Family

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