Magpie Robin Family

We had placed several bird boxes in our balcony. Idea was to help endangered sparrows to find them suitable for nesting.


Bird Box
Sparrows did not come. Indian mynahs had occupied at least two of the boxes. They are noisy and ready to protect their box aggressively. A mynah peeping out of one of the boxes in the morning.


Subah Ho Gayi Mamoo!


One day a Robin family came to inspect the box. Initially they decided against it. But came back a few days later. Couple on a decision making mode about the box.


Decision Making Time
Once they made up their minds, husband and wife would take turn to fly into the box with their possession and food. A male Robin, I think, is waiting to get inside the box. May be resting before getting in.
Waiting to Get in the Box
Robin inside the box. Both birds worked hard to get straw, leaves, and food inside the box. But their baby could not fly.



The baby fell on the floor. It was not able to fly. Then a squirrel came and killed it. Seen in the video below, mother Robin trying to call her baby. She moved away from balcony as I was standing there.
For last few days, I did not hear the mother Robin’s call. May be they have gone somewhere else. I saw another set of birds eyeing the box for nesting. Let me see if I can take a few pictures. Life moves on.
Tags: Bird Box, Magpie Robin, Mynah, Sparrow, Squirrel

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