Quote Of The Day 3 of 3 Day Quote Challenge

I was reading a book written by Eckhart Tolle. Book is known as “Power of Now”. Eckhart Tolle is German by birth. He now lives in Canada and delivers lectures on spirituality. Essential message of Eckhart Tolle is all we have is present. If we can manage present moment, we shall be able to manage next moment that is about to arrive. Because soon the next moment will become present. According to Eckhart Tolle, instead of holding on to bitterness from the past, or becoming anxious of unknown fears that is yet to arrive, we should live in the present and try to master it. 

Indian Yogis also say the same thing. Controlling breath is an exercise to stay in the present. Sage Astabakra was asked by his disciple, sir how can I be free. Master replied, you are free the moment you think you are free. For less gifted, it is not easy to get out of our system all at once. We are pulled back by our system, by our past and anticipation of future. But by practicing breathing control, one can gradually learn to stay in the present. First for a moment, then gradually with practice the moment can be expanded.

In this context, I came across the quote below. I liked it, it is extremely relevant, but I do not know who is the author.

Past is History, Future is Mystery, 
All We Have is Now, That is Why it is a Present

author : Unknown

This is the last of my three three quotes. I nominate the following two people:

1. Sreesha Divakaran : http://rainandabook.blogspot.in/

2. Shweta : http://www.sunshineandzephyr.com/

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