Society, Police and Women

Post Nirbhaya incidence, where a young girl was raped, disembowelled and left to die by roadside, has anything really changed about safety of women in Delhi? I do not think so. Otherwise, a young girl would not be chased down, stabbed and killed by her stalkers in full public view. Her fault, she refused to take back an earlier complaint of stalking registered with police.

One of the boys and their mother were arrested by police. Boy spent some time in jail nearly 15 days.  Mother got out after giving a written affidavit of future good conduct. Now mother with her two sons killed the girl in full public view.

Who is to blame for such barbarism? Outlook and sensitivity of society towards girls must change. It is a terrible dichotomy where society worships mother yet despises girls. Not only girls are killed at birth, easy availabily of sexually explicit material have made objectification of women and girls all the more common. Many consider  girls  to be an object sensual gratification that can be treated in use and throw basis. 

It is possible that the exalted position a mother is placed in family hierarchy may have contributed to current brutality. May be sons wanted to restore mothers hurt esteem, by killing the girl in most brutal manner in public. 

Politicians have pounced on police. Some wants to control police directly. Accountability of police must be improved and priorities of police towards common people must be refocussed. For that to happen, more and more police should be made available to protect tax paying citizens and not political leaders and VIPs. It is important to make police autonomous so that they can prioritise their duties and responsibilities.

Yet, I think police is as good as society it comes from. Also, police can only arrest based on evidence. In this case police did their job. It is judge that has to read the riot act and put people behind bars. Judges have to deliver sterner judgement. It is also true law needs to be amended. Yet judgement is not purely going by the book. Judge can take risk and give his interpretation of law in greater public good. I hope this time harshest punishment is given to mother and two sons.

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