Police Should Be An Autonomous Body

Are our governments, irrespective of dispensation and ideology, using disproportionate force against people who dissent? It is true many a time dissenters are propped by inimical political opponents. Many dissenters are genuine people driven by ideological compulsion.
From Tehelka promoters that exposed corruption in NDA during Atal Bihari Bajpayee ‘ s prime minister shop, to hounding of Teesta Setalvad by present NDA government, similarities are obvious. Teesta had fought relentlessly for victims of Gujarat violence. Her aim was at chief minister Modi. Very likely Teesta had overt and covert backing of Congress. 
There are other cases like Damayanti Sen in West Bengal, Amitabh Tripathi in Uttar Pradesh that become obvious example of state vindictiveness and high handed behaviour. Damayanti Sen had solved the infamous Park Street Rape case against the wishes of chief minister of state. She was transferred to manage traffic. Amitabh Tripathi had secured dieting statement of a victim who was set on fire by state police. It is alleged that police was acting at the behest of a ruling party minister in the state of UP. After threatening Amitabh Tripathi, who was IGP police, a rape case was framed on him. Presently, Mr. Amitabh Tripathi is under suspension. 

In many states police and CBI are used to intimidate political opponents and make them fall in line. Congress lead UPA had perfected the art of using CBI against SP and BSP to win crucial vote of no confidence on the floor of parliament. AAP government in Delhi is itching to get control of Delhi police. Knowing the obvious use and intention of AAP such a move is ominous.
I think police should be made autonomous. Remove political control. Then and only then police will be efficient and a credible force. Though many will still blame police, but that will be for incompetence and not partisanship.

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