Why Debate, When Boycotting Is Easier

After present BJP lead NDA government had spent one year in office, there was a lot of back thumping for a corruption free year. Many leaders of congress ominously said on TV channels, wait a while corruption will bubble up. Were they speaking from experience? Or they knew something that others did not? One after another things started to unravel. Strangely, many of the scams were underway or actually happened when congress party was in power at the centre and in some cases in the states, as well. Is it not strange that these wrong doings are coming to light now?

Almost all of June, 2015 India discussed corrupt practices of Lalit Modi and his relationship to ministers in BJP lead NDA government at the centre. Breaking news would appear at noon on major television channels, every channel claimed exclusivity on the news break. This will be followed by congress party press conference where documents after documents will be waived. Hypocrisy and doubles standard of government on matters of corruption will be discussed through the day till late night. All of a sudden one day the breaking news stopped appearing. One reason it appeared to me that congress charge on chief minister of Rajasthan was found to be factually incorrect. A second theory suggests because names of first family of congress party came up, everyone lost interest in the news. 

Now monsoon session of parliament is in all likelihood going to be wiped out. Congress party along with other opposition parties are demanding resignation of several ministers – central and state, before they decide to discuss the reasons for resignation. Government has declined to buckle under such a demand. Opposition has been disrupting parliament. A standard practice in India. BJP had done it when it was in opposition. Congress is doing it as party occupying opposition. A point of difference being, BJP disrupted parliament when the ruling congress lead UPAII declined to discuss different scams and related issues. Congress is disrupting  
parliament because it does not want to discuss issues that government is ready to make statement on.

Question that begs answer is why not discuss first and demand resignation later. More so, when Mrs Sushma Swaraj is willing to put facts before the parliament? Is it not important to hear from the accused, before condemning them? Every civilised society does that. Is congress party not certain about strength of its argument? Is congress party not certain of getting support from other parties in opposition? From the hurry with which congress is demanding resignation, it appears that congress is playing tit for tat game for BJP forcing congress ministers to resign last time.

It has been said repeatedly that what is the point of discussion? Mrs. Swaraj has admitted everything in her twitter statement. It is important to note that twitter account can be deleted but parliamentary records are permanent. Mrs. Swaraj could have revealed more if she was allowed to speak in the parliament. May be Indian citizens would have been interested to hear the story of Mrs. Sushma Swaraj was going to tell on the floor of parliament. It appears that someone powerful did not allow Sushma Swaraj to talk. 

It is important to understand that when Mrs. Raje wrote an affidavit for Lalit Modi, Mr. Modi was not a fugitive. He had left India legally and was residing in UK legally. Mrs. Raje wrote an affidavit, it was not produced before court in UK, because Mrs. Raje was not present personally to attest before the court.

Son of Mrs Raje had a business agreement with Lalit Modi on hospitality business. Congress party had raised hue and cry about the property that was turned into a hotel. As it emerged, the property belonged to Raje and her son. Given the importance of the property, it made logical sense to invest in the business by Lalit Modi. The transaction happened at a time when congress party was in power in the state. Why wake up now?

Mrs. Sushma Swaraj may have kept her colleagues and her department outside the loop, when she asked British Home Department to follow their rule to grant Lalit Modi to travel to Portugal. She may be genuinely taken in by plight of Lalit Modi’s wife. May be she did it on the sly. She had used her discretionary power as a minister. Her decision may be wrong, but does that mean she has to resign?

Regarding horrible Vyapam scam, a supreme court monitored CBI enquiry is underway. Why should MP chief minister resign?

I think congress knows if these points are discussed, most likely opinion will change. So congress party will obstruct parliament. Yes party may score point, but nation will be the loser.

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