Nasruddin Khudabaksh Mansuri, Salute That Selfless Indian

This independence day my hero is Nasruddin Khudabaksh Mansuri. A nondescript unassuming common man did such uncommon act. Nasrudding Sahab was checking out a mobile phone one evening in a shop in Chambur area of Mumbai. 

A goon attacked the mobile shop owner with a sword. Nasruddin sahab did not care for his own life and disarmed the attacker. Nasruddin sahib is a very ordinary person by the standard of society. He is a tailor by profession, not a commando or a trained police officer. Yet, Nasruddin sahab did not think of his own safety. He disarmed the goon not using a weapon but by his bare hands. Nasruddin sahab was not related to the shopkeeper.  But he did not look away. Nasrudding sahab did  what he had to do by putting his life at stake. This is such a shining example of human act. This is of the moments when we genuinely feel proud to be human. 

At a time in our lives, when we think humanity, kindness, selfless act are things to be read in books, Nasruddin sahib is an example that selfless courage is still alive in India. Long live Nasruddin Mansuri. May his ilk grow. I salute Nasruddin Mansuri.

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