Mulayam Singh Yadav and Ved Mitra Chaudhary : Two People, One State, So Different

UP is the largest state and the most populous state of India. It is also the most partriarchal and most primitive state where rule of law is overruled by power of muscle  Shri Mulayam Singh Yada is the supreme leader of the ruling party of UP – The Samajwadi Party. Mulayam Singh’s son Shri Akhilesh Yadav is handpicked for chief minister’s position in the state by Shri Mulayam Singh. After all, UP state is Shri Mulayam Singh’s pocket borough. So naturally, the honor of ruling the state should stay within his family, in this case who better than his own son. 

Mulayam Singh himself is a member of parliament. He oversees functioning of the state surrounded by his brothers, cousins, members of his extended Yadav family and his friends. A wrestler by training, Mulayam Singh ji, has been enamored by his own male gender. Netaji, as Shri Mulayam Singh ji is called respectfully, asserts boys make mistake when they rape a hapless girl or a woman. In netaji’s world view the term  gang rape  does not exist. Vile women implicate more than one man out of malice. Given the view point of ruling party supremo of a state, one can understand predicament of women in the state. 

In this context, let us talk about another man from the same state of UP. An army jawan named Lance Naik Ved Mitra Chaudhary.  Chaudhary sahab was murdered in Meerut by a group of louts and goons, who resented Chaudhry sahib standing up for a girl these goons were harassing.  Goons and their friends beat up the soldier with iron rods. Soldier died in hospital. Ved Mitra Chaudhry is survived by his wife, a 10 year old daughter and a seven year old son. 

In a state where supremo legitimises rape and harassment of girls, in a state where goons think they can get away raping girls, Ved Mitra Chaudhry is an exception. He fought for people he did not know. He gave up his life for people he was not related to. Such a loss of a promising life, such a loss of a good citizen, a loss to armed forces and to nation. India lost a good citizen and a model soldier who did not run away in the face of adversity. 

I hope goons are punished in an exemplary fashion. One for harassing a girl, and second for killing a soldier from armed forces. Nation must come down like a tonne of bricks on this goons, so that next time anyone dares to attack a soldier and harass a woman, think million times. Please support family of the deceased soldier. I read today in news paper attempt is being made to accuse the soldier as an eve teaser. A case is being made out that goons killed the soldier because he was teasing women of locality. I am sure pressure is being mounted on the family of girl, whose honour Ved Mitra tried to save, to change their charge. God knows how long the girls family will resist, if at all. After all, money can be a powerful inducer. In this sordid drama, only saving grace being armed forces of India. Brigadier Raghu Srinivasan of Ved Mitra’s unit  has resolved to follow the case and try to get justice for Ved Mitra. May be there is a sense of justice still there. 

Finally, it is important to note that not all women in the state of UP are privileged enough to be travelling escorted by armed guards. What should rest of the unfortunate beings do? How do they protect and preserve their honour and self respect from the eyes of prowling goons and louts? More so if state rulers give an impression that it is alright to rape and harass women, after all boys will be boys. It is astonishing that in the land of Mulayam Singh Yadav, Ved Mitra Chaudhry are still take birth.

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