Family of Indrani and Peter Mukherjea, A Theatre of Absurd

Theatre of absurd that is family of Peter and Indrani Mukherjea. A 23 year old girl , Sheena Bora, vanished in thin air, in this day and age of e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, cell phone, and SMS. Yet no one was seriously concerned. It turned out that girl was murdered three years before in 2012 and her body was burnt in a forest some 80 km away from Mumbai. As it is emerging, the killer was her biological mother. Mother, who had abandoned her daughter when she was 2 year old. 20 years later, mother introduces her daughter as her sister.  Mother, Indrani Mukherjea is married three times, some report suggests five times.                                         

 It is emerging that her second husband was with Indrani when Sheena was being murdered. The main claimed he was asleep. Can anyone believe that a person was being strangulated in the cosy comfort of a car, while a person fell asleep. Is it not diabolical?               

Now come to Indrani’s current husband – Peter Mukherjea. The man was informed that Sheena was not Indrani’s sister, but actually her daughter. Peter ignored it. Sheena vanished in thin air. Indrani told everyone that Sheena was in the US. Peter Mukherjea and ex head of a media empire did not ask question and kept quiet. Unbelievable!
                                                                                                                                            Peter Mukherjea’s son Rahul was going to marry Sheena. He was sleeping with Sheena. Rahul claimed that Sheena’s passport was in Rahul’s apartment. Yet, he did not press his father and stepfather about disappearance of his finance. He claimed he got a breakup note in SMS or e-mail. Someones finance breaks up over e-mail, the man did not ask a second question and moved on.
The same goes to Sheena’s brother Mikhael and grand parents of Sheena, who were registered as Sheena’s parents in her birth certificate, did not question disappearance of their daughter / grand daughter / sister. Absurd!

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