Subhash Chandra Bose : A Discredited Icon

Who was responsible for freedom of India? Was it non-cooperation movement of Indian National Congress or armed struggle of Indian National Army? Our history books certainly tell us supremacy of nonviolent noncooperation movement over armed struggle. We would never know the exact reason behind British deciding to leave India, unless British decide to tell us. There could... Continue Reading →

Modern Day Bhushundir Math

As we go through Indrani Mukherjea and Peter Mukherjea story with all their past and present husbands and wives, sons and daughters from past and present marriages, it creates a strange story. A woman who wanted to get out of her life in a small town used different people on her way to reach her... Continue Reading →

India Pakistan Dialog : Look at New Ways

Another opportunity of dialog between India and Pakistan has fallen apart, amid tension and bitterness. Genesis for this dialog was a meeting between Indian and Pakistani prime ministers in the Russian city of Ufa. The joint statement of the meeting read, that National Security Advisors (NSA) will meet to discuss terror related issues, exchange information... Continue Reading →

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