Around Dwarka, Part II

As we were crossing the sea on a boat, I took this reflection of sunlight on the water. I liked it, thought I should share. On Byet Dwarka jetty I was standing on my own. Sun was setting on the horizon. I took a series of photos and videos. The one below is a 60... Continue Reading →

BJP after Bihar

Bihar election is over. BJP lead NDA experience a crushing defeat. A lot of analysis has been put forward by different analysts. Ms. Sagarika Ghose wrote that Mr. Nitish Kumar's personality and charm with women had done the job. Mr. Shekher Gupta believes, Mr. Modi's honeymoon post 2014 national election is over. Another commentator, Mr. Ashok... Continue Reading →

Around Dwarka Part I

In addition to Dwarkadheesh temple, Dwarka has several other places that tourists / devotees visit. I have listed them in the order our driver took us to these places. These include the following: 1. Renuka Devi Temple 2. Tata Salt Factory at Meethapur 3. Byet Dwarka 4. Jyotirlinga Shiva 5. Gopi Talao 6. Gomti Ghat Renuka... Continue Reading →

Jamnagar, On the Way to Dwarka

Our first stop in Gujarat trip was Jamnagar. Jamnagar is nearly 300 km by road from Ahmedabad. We decided to stop at Jamnagar because some of our relatives had nearly 30 hour train journey a day before. A continuous travel from Ahmedabad to Dwarka would be too tiring for them. We had booked an Inova.... Continue Reading →

Adalaj Ki Baoli

This october after Durga Puja, I visited Gujarat. This was my third visit to the state as a tourist. I get a  sense of exhilaration, overtime when car rolls westwards on Ahmedabad Rajkot highway leaving city of Ahmedabad behind. This time, I had a whirlwind tour of west Gujarat, covering : Ahmedabad - Jamnagar -... Continue Reading →

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