Jamnagar, On the Way to Dwarka

Our first stop in Gujarat trip was Jamnagar. Jamnagar is nearly 300 km by road from Ahmedabad. We decided to stop at Jamnagar because some of our relatives had nearly 30 hour train journey a day before. A continuous travel from Ahmedabad to Dwarka would be too tiring for them. We had booked an Inova. However, our travel agent gave us Logie a car designed by Renault. For five people with luggage, Logie is not a comfortable car. 

 I had reserved hotel President at Jamnagar for our stay. Hotel was a budget hotel, reasonably clean and polite staff. Rooms had air-conditioning.  Bathrooms were clean and modern. 

Jamnagar was founded in 1540. It was one of the most important  Princely states ruled by the Jadejas. Ajay Jadeja, former Indian cricket captain, belonged to the Jadeja family of Jamnagar. Jamnagar has two petrochemical refineries. One of Reliance and the other of Essar. There are a few interesting places to visit in the city. However, to visit places like wild life and marine life sanctuaries, one needed more time. We visited two sites in the limited time we had. First one was Ram Dhun temple or Bala Hanuman Temple which was built by the side of Lakhota Palace and surrounding lake. 

Ram Dhun temple is famous for it not stop chanting of Ram Naam –  Sri Ram Jai Ram, Jai Jai Ram. Since its consecration to the name of Sri Ram in 1964, till 2014 and beyond Ram Naam chanting never ever stopped in this temple. The temple has entered Guiness Book of Records for such performance. 


Bala Hanuman Temple or Ram Dhun Temple
A picture of the gate of Ram Temple with few members of our party is shown above. Another view of the temple with sanctum sanctorum in the background is shown below.
Ram Dhun Temple
Lakhota Palace
Shown in the picture above is Lakhota Palace surrounded by a lake. The is known as Lakhota Lake. Some people also call it Ranmal Lake. The palace was originally built as a fort. Lake functioned as a moat to prevent direct enemy attack. Lake was also a source of water for city people during drought season. We saw the lake being cleaned and palace being renovated. A road encircles the lake. Many local residents walk around the lake in morning and evenings. We were told in the evening, birds come and perch themselves on tree tops surrounding the lake and also on lake bed.


Shown in the picture, a white crane sitting on lake side in search of food. Below, one butterfly spread its wings, as if inviting me to take a picture.
Butterfly Spreading its Wings


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