Around Dwarka Part I

In addition to Dwarkadheesh temple, Dwarka has several other places that tourists / devotees visit. I have listed them in the order our driver took us to these places. These include the following:

1. Renuka Devi Temple
2. Tata Salt Factory at Meethapur
3. Byet Dwarka
4. Jyotirlinga Shiva
5. Gopi Talao
6. Gomti Ghat

Renuka Devi was the favourite wife of Lord Krishna. A temple has been created in her honour. Shown below a panoramic view of the temple and its sorroundings. Once inside the temple, a brief history of the temple is described. 
As is evident the surrounding is semi arid. So in the temple they ask donation to serve people with drinking water. One can donate in the name of people they respect. Name of the person and the amount of donation made are announced over the public announcement system.

Outside the temple premises, sadhus sat in an orderly row under blazing sun. Sadhus expected alms any reasonable amount. Their spokesman explained, whatever is given will be shared by all.
Byet Dwarka is around 20 km away from Dwarka. On the way one has to pass by salt factory set up by Tata group at Meethapur. We left Meethapur behind and kept on going towards Byet Dwarka. One has to cross a stretch of Arabian ocean to reach the island of Byet Dwarka. Shown below is a view of the ocean.
There are motor boats that ferry people across the sea. By some account there are nearly 150 boats that run between mainland and Byet Dwarka. Ticket can be obtained on the boat. Boat ride is like a local bus ride on the sea. 

Above is a boat is leaving for Byet Dwarka. It takes around 15 min to reach Byet Dwarka from main land. Many passengers buy puffed rice and stuff for feeding fish and birds at the time of crossing the sea.

Shown above is the jetty of Byet Dwarka. The flag indicates temple of Dwarkadheesh. Nowadays, auto-rickshaws ply from jetty to temple and back. They charge twenty rupees per person one way.

I did not go up the temple. I stayed back on the jetty to take a shot of sun set. We took the return ferry back to the mainland.


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