Towards Somnath Part I

We packed our bags and left Dwarka at around 9 am in the morning for Somnath.  Distance from Dwarka to Somanath is around 235 km. Our first destination was Porbandar, Gandhi ji’s birth place around 105 km from Dwarka. We were travelling north to south on a coastal highway on the western edge of Saurasthra district of Gujarat state.  I was very excited because road was a coastal road in south Gujarat. Though we could see Arabian sea only once when we were passing by the beach.
Western Gujarat near the sea is dotted with windmills. These three blade structures are moved by wind and generate clean energy. Most of the time blades were rotating very slowly. Later I came to know in the current state of technology, windmills rotate at 20 – 25 revolutions per min. Research is on to create better and lighter blades that can rotate faster at same wind velocity. Less energy production by one mill is compensated by large number of such structures.  India has committed to generate nearly 30% of its energy demand by tapping wind power and solar power.


As we were moving on the highway, we saw a wetland full of birds. Among them were birds with greyish body and black head and neck. A net search revealed, these birds are most likely black necked cranes. I was surprised to see these birds in Gujarat. 


I read on the net that black necked spend their summer in Tibet and   winter months in sheltered valleys or lower altitudes. The largest populations are in China with smaller numbers extending into Vietnam, Bhutan and India. 



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