Toilet Training Must Be Enforced

In India a large number of people still defecate in the open. Conservative estimate suggest that the number of people in India that defecate in the open can be as high as 500 million. As one enters any major city by train in the morning, one can see people attending natures call in the open... Continue Reading →

Malda Violence and Main Stream Media

Is main stream media in India is selective and biased when reporting lunatic fringe elements of majority Hindu community? I was reading an article by Rajdeep Sardesai celebrity anchor of TV Today evening prime time show. Mr. Sardesai certainly thinks media is impartial. But consider this, following abominable lynching of Mohammad Akhlaq main stream media... Continue Reading →

Pathankot Attack : Mirzafars Are Alive and Kicking

More information about terrorist attack on Pathankot airport base, more intrigued I become. Narcotic smugglers routinely cross international border at Bamiyal town in Indian Punjab. This same route was used by terrorists six months before by terrorists that attacked Gurdaspur. Yet there was no alertness on part of Border Security Force or Punjab Police. One... Continue Reading →

Odd Even Plan Must Continue

Government of Delhi initiated Odd – Even plan from 1st Jan, 2016. It is likely to last till 15th of Jan, 2016. The program means, cars ending with odd numbers will ply on odd dates, while cars ending with even number will be allowed to come out on even dates. The objective of the move... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year, Really!

New Year started with a sombre note. When rest of the country was welcoming New Year, terrorists attacked Pathankot Air Force base. Government claimed, unlike similar attack in Pakistan,  we were able to protect our strategic assets worth billions of dollars. I has also come to public domain that terrorists had instructions to inflict maximum... Continue Reading →

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