Happy New Year, Really!

New Year started with a sombre note. When rest of the country was welcoming New Year, terrorists attacked Pathankot Air Force base. Government claimed, unlike similar attack in Pakistan,  we were able to protect our strategic assets worth billions of dollars. I has also come to public domain that terrorists had instructions to inflict maximum and spectacular casualty on man and machine. It is important to remind the nation that six precious lives were also lost. There could not have been a worst start to a New Year for families of soldiers who lost their lives. 

Now that all terrorists have been neutralised, it is important to ask, how could six unidentified people get inside a strategic air base? Is there no identity check carried out by alert personnel? If terrorists got entry by scaling the wall, how come a strategic airbase has scalable wall? Should such walls not be continuously monitored using human surveillance and using technology like laser ray? It even came in public knowledge that thermal imagers of BSF was not functional. In a sensitive border area, where an attack has happened not less than 6 months before, BSF did not have functional thermal imager!  

For long, it is believed that there are trails used by smugglers to bring in heroin into Punjab from Pakistan. Gurdaspur attackers and Pathankot attackers used the same route. Why was the route not manned, specially so because state had prior intimation of an imminent attack. Was there vested interests at play that would sell country for personal gain? 

The conduct of SP is also very suspicious. Why was he roaming around at 3 in the morning using his official car along with his cook and a friend? It is strange the ruthless jehadis let the SP go scotfree. It is highly unusual. Unless Jehadis were convinced of some kind of quid pro quo, they cannot risk their mission by letting go of three people. Id does not matter, if the Jehadis knew of identity of SP or not. Something really fishy out here. The SP should be thoroughly investigated.

Recently, prime minister of India had staked a lot of personal and political capital by extending hand of friendship to prime minister of Pakistan. There was a general feeling of happiness in both nations. In one stroke, terrorists have attempted to change the situation and bring in a scenario of tension and violence. Talks with Pakistan hanging in balance, a very happy beginning to New Year, indeed!

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