Pathankot Attack : Mirzafars Are Alive and Kicking

More information about terrorist attack on Pathankot airport base, more intrigued I become. Narcotic smugglers routinely cross international border at Bamiyal town in Indian Punjab. This same route was used by terrorists six months before by terrorists that attacked Gurdaspur. Yet there was no alertness on part of Border Security Force or Punjab Police. One superintendent of police was loitering around the place in his beaconed vehicle without his armed security guard. So far no answer has come that explains why this person was in the area. He claimed to be have been abducted by terrorists. Yet he was allowed to live to see another day. I am not unhappy that superintendent of police was spared his life, I think it is very unusual.

Terrorists drove from Kolian, a village near Bamiyal, in a police vehicle upto Tajpur village near Pathankot airbase. It has emerged that terrorists were carrying a lot of arms and ammunition, nearly 50 kg per person, along with food and medicine. So the questions emerge,

1. how did terrorists entered high security Pathankot airport?

2.    Did terrorists scale the wall? If they did, why walls were not fenced with barbed wire and glass pieces?

3.   How did the terrorists haul up 50 kg armaments that included bullets, guns, rocket launchers, grenades etc? I have not included food and water, whatever limited amount they had carried.

4.   Where were these terrorists hiding after they entered the base?

5.   I learnt that Pathankot air base has village inside. Gujjars graze their cattle in the grass land. Did terrorists walk in with gujjar villagers? Is there no system of identity card of who is going out and who is coming in?

6. I do not think the terrorists could bring their heavy load and themselves without support from inside the base. They entered India with the help of BSF, reached unto air base using Punjab Police and entered base using either air men or villagers.

It appears India is being eaten alive from inside by people who consider personal gain more than collective loss of country. Mirzafar, general in Nawab Sirajadullah’s army, stood like a bystander and let Robert Clive of East India company defeat Nawab of Bengal in 1757. First victory of the British that started India’s domination by British. Mirzafar was suitably rewarded by the East India Company. In 2016, Mirzafars are still alive and ready to sell Indian interest to the highest bidder.

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