PDP – BJP Alliance On the Verge of Collapse

With a lot of fanfare, BJP had formed a historic alliance with PDP. The alliance is on the verge of collapse. After Mufti Mohammad Sayid passed away recently, his daughter Ms. Mehbooba Mufti is unwilling to take charge of leadership of the government. It is important for BJP to stay in power in the state of J&K because the party has never won power in the state. 

Who is to blame if PDP decides not to continue its alliance with BJP? It can be argued that BJP at state level have stood by PDP after Mufti Sahab passed away. BJP did not may any loose statement. BJP even announced that the party will have no problem with Mehbooba Mufti becoming chief minister. Is it a ploy to pass the blame on PDP for breaking the alliance? 

Given the political scenario in India, many states have a strong regional party and leader. The regional party may agree to share seat with a central party and become part of the alliance that governs India at the centre. Local party may have no existence beyond the state. For the regional party state becomes the point of focus and they would not like to lose their stronghold in the state by compromising states interest. On the other hand central party has to cater to national audience by sticking to a standard of governance that is pan Indian. A central party like BJP has to alter its policy or break the alliance with regional party. 

If the BJP – PDP alliance gets undone, BJP will be as much to blame as PDP for not being able to manage contradictions, let alone delivering goods to the people of J&K the chief reason for forming the alliance. It appears central BJP wanted to take all the credit for delivering package to the state, at the expense to slighting the chief minister and regional party. In the process BJP forgot that in the Kashmir valley, BJP will unlikely to get a foot hold no matter whatever it does. Kashmiris will most likely vote for PDP, national conference or even worst case congress but not BJP. The situation may be different in Jammu and Ladakh. For situation to change in the valley, BJP has to work at reconciliation for a long time to win trust of people of Kashmir valley, even at the expense of altering it national policy. That means giving up on article 371, J&K flag, beef ban etc. If this does not happen, there is not a chance of BJP – PDP alliance continuing. Even if a second election happens, BJP will not win in Kashmir valley, it may lose risking vote share in Jammu. So BJP should try as hard as possible to retain the alliance with PDP. This gesture may encourage other regional parties to form alliance with BJP.

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