Controversy Chasing BJP

Recently I read a poll, conducted by ABP – Nielson, on Modi governments performance. Popularity of Prime Minister Modi is still high. Many still believe Prime Minister is working hard to make a difference. BJP may still win on its own, if election is held now. 

BJP in many states, specially where the party is in opposition, is not covering itself with glory. Being a resident of Delhi, I think central government is unnecessarily interfering in Delhi government’s activity. If Delhi is to remain under central guidance, why have an election? Would BJP behave in a similar way, if state government was run by BJP? Why does central and state BJP leaders not respect peoples verdict whole heartedly? AAP has its problems, but being a party that rules a small state, the party corners most of the sympathy.

Then comes Presidents rule in Arunachal. It may be true that congress failed to manage its party. Yet it is naive to believe that BJP had not fished in troubled water and not engineered the trouble. It is not clear why governor of the state organised a house meet in the bar of a five star hotel, no matter what was the impediment? It is not clear, why did the governor did not ask for a head count in the assembly which would have straightened out if ruling party had the number or not?

I had mentioned in an earlier post that BJP is not able to manage its alliance with PDP in J&K. BJP is unable to manage its alliance in J&K. It can be argued that BJP has acted responsibly, it is the PDP is not willing to play by the rule after Mufti sahib passed away. Yet when a partnership fails, both partners get their share of blame. In this case, BJP has to take the blame for at least in part for new leadership of PDP not willing to share a relationship with them. 

I do not know what is causing BJP to make mistakes after such a huge majority? Is it arrogance, inexperience or simply foolishness. BJP is managing to unite opposition against it. Is BJP is simply not accustomed to be in opposition? They had shown it when they repeatedly blocked parliament during UPA II. The same phenomenon is coming to haunt BJP now that the party is in power. BJP may think truth is with them, but even most bitter medicine has to be coated to avoid bad taste. BJP seems to be missing the point. While central governemtn may be functioning with good intent, local level BJP leaders are not on the same page.

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