Miracles Do Happen

I think we should send him to a boarding school” said mother.
He is hardly ten year old, can he cope?” his father said. 
School is enrolling students from class six upwards, aren’t they? Our son will not be the only young child there?” mother had her answer ready.
Still, he is very young. Can you stay not seeing him for six months?” said father feebly.
Have to do. He must learn Bengali. In this god forsaken land, he is forgetting his mother tongue. Send him to a boarding school in West Bengal.” Mother said with finality.
He was studying in Sammilani Bengali medium school in class five in Kanpur. He was certain after writing his maths test that he would not make the passing grade. His mother was also teaching in the same school. She would unlikely to take very kindly, her son flunking maths test. Mother had a nasty temper. Make her mad, she did not mind getting physical. Once at it, she would not stop with a slap or two. Her temper would flare with time and she would use anything that she could get her hands on. So he needed a miracle badly. 
Sadly, only person who could save him was also not there. His daadi. Didn’t she tell him that lord Krishna saves those who call him in distress. He listened to Prahlad? He rescued Draupadi from angry Durbhasha, did he not? Why should Krishna not save him? Is he not in distress? So snuggled under his quilt he was praying earnestly every night since writing his maths test, “Oh lord Krishna, Oh savior of all, see to it that I get at least 30 marks out of 100 in maths”. In his mind he could not fathom how after answering 25 marks, he could get 30. But his grand mother had taught him that if asked earnestly, god can actually do strange things. 
Next morning, when father asked him what he thought about going to boarding school, he felt Lord Krishna had really answered his prayers. He readily agreed to his fathers proposal.  At least he would be spared the beating in near future. Moreover, he would get to ride Toofan express all the way to Calcutta. There were so many things to see. So many stations, so many towns and villages. His first long step away from home, little did he know his journey had just began.

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