Startup Culture and Classless Society

Tragic suicide of Rohit Vemula has brought to focus discrimination dalit and minorities face in India. Bee line of politicians to Hyderabad Central University campus to show solidarity with protesting students have grabbed TV hours. India has been trying to remove discrimination based on caste, creed and religion since 1947. Strange that more than 60 years later, we are still trying to draw attention towards it. 

We all know discrimination exists, we do not know how doe we remove discrimination that is deep seated in our minds. We have been trying to change peoples mind for last so many years. We have created affirmative action in academic institutions and at work place. Yet students commit suicide. Politicians are now asking for reservation in work places that are not run by government. 

I think more we try to create reservation, more entrenched discrimination becomes. Why not create a system where dalits, minorities and disempowered have financial security? Once people have financial empowerment, they will never feel discriminated. Even if they do, they would not care. I think, by pushing a culture of entrepreneurship, Modi government may veer us towards a country where discrimination will be minimised if not eliminated.  When government of the day will start encouraging entrepreneural effort without any discrimination, then every Indian with an idea may have a chance to succeed. A start up entrepreneur will not have to beg for job, they will actually have opportunity to create a job. Who knows a dalit may employ a person from upper caste. Only with economic freedom we may dream of moving towards a classless society. 

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