Campus Protests Spontaneous or Manufactured

All through 2015, India was boiling over intolerance issue. Writers and scholars were returning their awards. There was a feeling India had become intolerant after BJP had formed government at the centre. Any thought that such a protest could be manufactured was scoffed at. Though time and again it emerged that many a times, the issues were judged even before investigation was over. A typical case was rape of an elderly missionary in West Bengal. The blame was directed at BJP, RSS and bigger sangh parivar activists. However, reality was different when investigation was over and police arrested the actual culprit. History repeated itself, during Delhi election. When cases started popping up about vandalising of minority institutions. Many a cases were found to be regular law and order problem. But blame was directed at BJP and right wing parties.

This brings to question, is there a systematic plan to create an issue and then drag BJP into it? Many such issues were timed with parliament sessions, such that functioning parliament, read Rajya Sabha, can be obstructed demanding answer from none other than prime minister.  It started with changing director of IIFT, Pune. Admitted, choice of Mr. Gajendra Chauhan was wrong. But will students decide who will become head of a government funded institute? Government has repeatedly said Mr. Chauhan would not decide academic issues, he will be an administrator. An institute that had not have a convocation in last 15 years, it is strange that students are protesting against appointment of an administrator. The protest is being backed by left leaning unions and film makers like Anand Patwardhan, a known Modi baiter.

Then came suicide of Rohith Vemulla at Hyderabad Central University. The boy was member of Ambedkar Student Association that organised protest against hanging of Yaqoub Memon, a convicted terrorist. We have heard slogans like, “kitne Yaquob ko maroge, har ghar mein Yaquob paida hoga“. Yaquoub Memon was convicted by court of law. Mercy petition of Yaquoub was rejected by President of India. Why blame BJP and RSS for Yaquoub’s hanging? Like organising beef festival, Yaquoub Memon hanging was a calculated ploy to wave a red rag infront of ABVP to incite them to do something stupid? Apparently,  the ploy worked. ABVP protested. Rohith Vemula and his friends had a scuffle with ABVP students. Authorities took action. Rohith committed suicide, left   backed student unions, AISA and SFI, went for a strike demanding sacking of HRD minister. 

Students aligned to the same ideological and political formation, went to protest outside RSS headquarter. Video footage exists to suggest that protesters, mainly female university students and/or party workers, used obscene language against police, against prime minister in a totally unprovoked situation. Their protest was illegal. No permission was taken from police. When protestors broke police barricade, police used force. Students were beaten up. The video footage went viral across social network and TV channels. No body showed obscene behaviour of students. Definitely police should have been more restrained as a professional force. At the same time, one must mention that protestors were obscene, uncouth and not washed in milk and honey. Question that begs an answer is why JNU students were protesting outside RSS headquarter? Was it part of a deliberate ploy to provoke RSS – BJP and Sangh? Ploy succeeded and government and administration came out looking insensitive and intolerant.

Then came protest in JNU. Students wanted to celebrate death anniversary of Afzal Guru. A person who was convicted by supreme court of India on the charge of plotting attack on parliament of India. Afzal Guru had admitted in a TV interview that he was helping the group that was responsible for attack on Indian parliament. Subscribers to certain ideology and belief, are convinced that Afzal Guru was innocent. Afzal Guru was executed during UPAII rule. Why rake up Afzal Guru execution issue now? Students and protestors chanted “Pakistan zindabad”. On Indian soil, in Indian capital “Pakistan Zindabad!”. Protestors chanted India would breakup, and protest would continue their till India is disintegrates, “Bharat ki barbadi tak, jang chalegi, jang chalegi“. Video footage of the event shows that both men and women were chanting slogans. No one tried to stop them. Is this not intolerance?

Question arises, can a function in a University Campus be organised without student union being aware? When president of student union was arrested, political parties, left and congress, and left leaning social activists claimed political vendetta. It is amusing to even suggest that because ABVP did not win JNU student union election, government is trying to derecognize JNU. Who is behind university campus protest all over? There is a concerted effort by left and congress to rake up issues using their proxies. They put forward students, use them and when action is taken by authorities, they claim atrocity, they claim freedom of expression is violated. Teachers union of Hyderabad Central University resigned over government interference. Teachers union of JNU, demanded unconditional release of student union leader.  This is intolerance of a different kind. But definitely a clever a ploy.

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