First Day at Boarding

This was the first evening of his life, when he was all by himself. Bibhu was sitting in his hostel room. His uncle and cousin had left.  In a room meant for four, he had two other room mates, who were out there somewhere. His hostel building was known as Baani Bhavan, newest among different hostel buildings and allotted to youngest students. 
He was not sure what he should do. This was the first time he was alone. He was was not particularly homesick. Yet, memories of his days at home came back to him. His mother’s letter on his maths test score and how disappointed his father was. Walking down to the bank of Ganges with his cousin in the evening. Stopping by an eatery to eat fried snacks. His favourite was daal-vaada. He wished he could go back.
He was woken up from his thoughts by his room mate Nirmal. You are sitting here all by yourself? Come meet others. A gang of ten students, lead by Prosoon entered his room. Prosoon was leader of the gang. Unlike the rest, Prosoon looked more mature atleast two year older than the rest. Bibhu later learnt Prosoon has been in class six for two years. This would be his last year in the school if he cannot clear class six.

So you are the new boy? Where are you from?”
Kanpur huh! How far is it from Nagpur?”
I don’ know“.
Six inches, see”. Prosoon put his index finger of his palm on his nose and the little finger on his ear, see. Every body laughed. 
Hey Bishu, show our new boy how dogs in this campus cry,

Biswajit, was from Dhanbad. He was more than  ready to oblige. He lied on the ground on his back, flapped his arms and legs and made noise of a scared dog wailing. A few other boys joined him in making noise. Atmosphere was light in the room. So many boys, between 10 and 14 year of age, laughing, chatting and generally making noise. This being early days, students were not allotted to teaching groups. Next day was a Sunday, so no school. There was a relaxed atmosphere, all around. He appreciated the effort of his class mates made to welcome him as one of them. Thus started his new and long journey through boarding school.

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