JNU Protest, Left Hypocrite, Right Stupid, Administration Biased

India is split down the middle over arrest of JNU student union president Kanhaiya Kumar. Left parties, left leaning academicians, student bodies, civil society are ratcheting up public opinion over  attempted at saffronisation of Indian academic curriculum, over intolerance in India, over attempted homogenisation of plurality of Indian society.

As a common Indian who gets goose bumps every time national anthem is played, I have the following to say:

  • Slogans raised at JNU cannot be projected as part of JNU’s culture of debate. If someone is chanting “Pakistan Zindabad”, “Hindustan ke tookde honge”, “Hindustan ke barbaadi tak jang chalegi”, “Afzal ham sharminda hain, tere katil zinda  hain” etc. is no ordinary slogan. Such slogans is prelude to inciting violence. 
  • As a bastion of free speech, if JNU accepts pro-Afzal slogans, are allowed on the ground of free speech, then why did JNU students block Ramdev from addressing student community?
  • Kanhaiya Kumar’s arrest, as it appears in all likelihood done wrongfully and charge of sedition applied unnecessarily, must be condemned. Kanhaiya Kumar has got unprecedented support so far. There is also report emerging that certain TV footage that showed Kanhaiya Kumar protesting was doctored. 
  • Lawyers that beat up JNU students, teachers, and Kanhaiya Kumar must be held accountable for their actions. These people are no patriots. Neither are these people nationalists. These lawyers are pure hooligans. Their act is more reprehensible because lawyers are officers of court.
  • Delhi police had not covered itself in glory. Police must show more zeal to arrest lawyers. These men are not patriots, they are misguided nationalists. Was Kanhaiya Kumar arrested and jailed based on false information? If so, such action is another black mark of Delhi Police and must be investigated and condemned. 
  • Group that organised protest at JNU included at least ten people.  One member, Umar Khalid, has openly said he is against Indian occupation of Kashmir. Umar’s father used to head SIMI. Umar Khalid along with his friends Anirban Bhattacharya, Riazul Haq and Rubina Saifee belongs to Democratic Student Union of India, a group believed to be close to  CPI Maoist group. Group has other members who had planned and organised the meeting. Umar, according to intelligence sources, had planned to take the function to 18 other universities.
  • Arundhati Roy and other sympathisers of Naxalite movement have openly demanded freedom of Kashmir from Indian occupation. Arundhati Roy also was very critical of Afzal Guru’s conviction and execution.
  • Delhi University Professor S A R Geelani, one of the organisers of Pro Afzal Guru protest at Press Club of India, has also been arrested on sedition charge. Prof Geelani was acquitted by supreme court of India of charges of plotting attack on Indian parliament. Link between JNU protest and Press Club protest must be investigated for any deeper motive.
  • Those who claim why police entered JNU campus instead college administration sorting out issues, forget that at Hyderabad University administration had taken action against students that lead to suicide of Rohit Vemula and subsequent protest. It seems students following certain ideology, have decided they will protest no matter what government and/or administration does. 

Protests have started appearing at regular interval, especially before parliament session, after BJP has come to power. Same left leaders, left leaning civil society members, news anchors and editors that are upset at the suicide of Rohit Vemula, those who are frothing at their mouth at arrest of Kanhaiya Kumar, are totally silent about killing of BJP – RSS activist in Kerala.  Why such double standard?

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