Sri Sri Ravishankar and Jamuna

Sri Sri Ravishankar and his Art of Living Foundation decided to organise a function on the bank of Jamuna river for three days. A flurry of protests erupted from environmentalists. The matter went to Green Tribunal or Green Court. Petioners wanted the function should be stopped and moved to another venue. While different people had... Continue Reading →

Intolerance Debate, Politics is Central

In Telegraph National Debate 2016, on the topic "Intolerance Debate Continues" Barkha Dutt made a powerful speech. Coming after fiery and feisty Anupam Kher, Barkha Dutt spoke for the motion and rightly said the topic of  debate was politics neutral. There was no BJP or congress. There is no disagreement that India and Indians need freedom... Continue Reading →

Haryana Burnt Opposition Played Flute

Recently Haryana burnt because of jat communities demanding reservation. There is no doubt government, eyeing 30% Jat vote, let the community take Haryana state and its neighbors to ransom. In the the state properties of non jat citizens were selectively targeted. Manohar Lal Khattar government was inept to say it mildly. If Mr. Khattar was... Continue Reading →

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