Haryana Burnt Opposition Played Flute

Recently Haryana burnt because of jat communities demanding reservation. There is no doubt government, eyeing 30% Jat vote, let the community take Haryana state and its neighbors to ransom. In the the state properties of non jat citizens were selectively targeted. Manohar Lal Khattar government was inept to say it mildly. If Mr. Khattar was not a Punjabi, I would call him complicit in violence. A man who did not anticipate violence in the first place, when violence started did not order armed forces and armed police to take on the rampaging mobs. What a shame, what an incompetence, such people are chosen to lead a state as chief minister! 

Besides incompetence of government, if anything is more shocking, then it is the complicity of opposition parties like congress and possibly RLD with the rioters is extremely sinister.  Evidence has emerged in the form of an audio tape, that an aide of ex chief minister was encouraging and inciting violence by Jat community. While last chief minister of Haryana himself belongs to jat community, RLD is a party dominated by jats. Many knowledgeable analysts believed that both parties were waiting for jat riots to happen and took full advantage of the situation.

As if rioting was not enough, there was report of gang rape of women Delhi – Chandigarh highway near Murthal. Several truck drivers came forward as witness and claimed to have seen women being dragged to the fields. Predictably opposition and activists pounced upon government. Police opened helpline manned by a lady officer and urged people to come forward. Despite repeated plea, only report emerged where a lady charged her relative was involved in the alleged assault. As dust settled, it emerged that at least one of truck driver  claimed he was was asked to make statement claiming women being dragged and assaulted.  

It is important to say that story of rape was broken by a news paper whose editorial policies are vehemently pro congress party. I would not be surprised if story of rape was planted by zealous reporter to impress and/or under instructions of management and to malign ruling party in Haryana. Is this greed for power, is this jealousy at prosperity of non jats or simple anti pathy to BJP that had prompted congress party ex CM to encourage hooliganism is not clear. Will congress go to any length to vilify Mr Modi and BJP, even at the cost of tearing social fabric of a state? Same congress comes to Delhi and takes up Rohit Vemula case and stands with JNU students that chants slogan in support of breaking up Indian Union. Double standard indeed!

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