Death of Dr. Narang : A Reflection of Time We Live In

There are times in our lives, when we wake up from our comfort zone and look at the world around us with helplessness and with horror. We cannot figure out why things happen the way they do and what can we do to avoid such events. We desperately seek to find out clues or behaviour patterns that we could have done differently. Many a time we blame the victim. Why a person was out so late,? Why was the person dressed in a provocative way? Why was the person acting in a manner to attract attention? And the list goes on.

One such event was rape and disembowelment of Jyoti Singh, a.k.a Nirbhaya and the second one was brutal lynching of a dentist Dr. Pankaj Narang. Both incidents happened in Delhi. Both victims were not doing something out of place that most of us do not do. One was returning home after watching a movie. Another person was playing cricket with his son in his own home in his own neighbourhood. Yet both people lost their lives. 

More than the brutality and shock at losing people at the prime of their lives, what is scary is that such a thing can happen to anyone of us. Accidental grazing of car with another vehicle, or a peson can blow up into a mob violence. Returning home late at night by a public transport may result in violation, rape and murder. We do not know whom to blame. Society and sorroundings where we all live in our shells and do not want to get involved in some one else problems. Is this a symptom of generalised apathy and selfishness? It is unbelievable that Dr. Narang was chased, beaten with sticks repeatedly, brutally in his own neighbourhood, not only no neighbour stepped out, no one raised alarm, no one called police. And, we call ourselves civilised?

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