King of Good Times, Such a Long Flight

King of good times, Mr. Vijaya Mallya, has flown out of India. He has flown first class, with a lady friend and eleven pieces of check in luggage. He packs heavy cannot blame him for that. Before he flew out, he visited parliament and met his fellow members of parliament. May be to thank them for all their help in getting him a loan and may be to let him know that a crackdown is imminent. With all the noise on television channels and news printed on news papers, any half intelligent person would have left long time before. I am surprised he waited this long to take the final step.

Now that Vijay Mallya has left India, everyone has jumped into action. Congress woke up and blamed government for letting Mallya leave. Government retaliated by saying congress funded his airline by giving him massive loan. In UPA II era, Mallya’s loan was restructured even when he did not have much hope of returning. 

Government is breathing fire. Finance minister wants Mallya to return, pay back his dues or face action. Was our administrative machinery sleeping in the face of huge default that Mallya had accumulated? Some what to the tune of 9000 crore rupees? Why was Mallya allowed to fly out of India? There is no idea how government will bring back Mallya? How Mallya going to pay back? Will he pay back at all? 

Banks are declaring Mallya a wilful defaulter now. Why did they not do it when his business failed and he was not returning money?  Yet a farmer is beaten up in the state of Tamil Nadu for not replaying a loan of two lac. The farmer committed suicide, Mallya celebrated his birthday spending three crore rupees on his private match. Yet Mallya could fly out unscathed right under the nose of officers.
It is understandable that to run a business one has to take risk. This is true for borrower and lender. But how does lender safeguard his end, when he is dealing with someone elses money? There is no answer. When it became apparent that Mallya cannot pay back why action was not taken to recover the due? I do not grudge lifestyle of Vijaya Mallya. What I find obnoxious about Vijaya Mallya is not that he failed his business, not that he squandered public money but he celebrated his birthday in such opulent and lavish manner after not paying his employees who worked for his airline. 

It is rumoured that lookout note at airport was changed from detention to observation. Who changed it? Some say there was no court order to stop Mallya from flying out. Did government wait for a court order to deplane Green Peace activist Priya Pillai? In India everything is possible, if you know people in right places. And, Mallya knew a lot of politicians from a wide array of different parties.

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