Juveniles are Blessed with Invincibility

In my childhood days I would read stories from Indian mythologies. People from different hues and dispensation would go for penance. Once their desired god is satisfied, devotee will seek blessings. Some would ask for wealth, some for health, youth and longevity, others would ask for invincibility from death and so on. Those granted invincibility from death would attack others. They would conquer opponents home and hearth, make a slave of men,  maid of conquered women. At that time, the stories appeared unusual. Can anyone really get a boon where nothing can touch him? The person becomes impervious to any and all evil.

In this day and age, for people living in India, it appears that juveniles have attained the blessing of immortality and invincibility from god. The god here is juvenile justice board. Juveniles and their god have made lives of common people a living hell. Juveniles commit murder, rape, engage in arson, but they are not punished. Juveniles are put in a remand home for three years and allowed to get out. Their past history will be erased from records. All this because, juveniles, no matter how close to adulthood, are incapable of taking responsibility of their action. 

Recently, a juvenile, who was just two days short of adulthood, ran over an innocent man returning home from work. The boy drove a Mercedes, without licence, at top speed onto Siddharth Sharma. Siddharth died. The boy and his fellow passengers did not help the injured man. They did not take his to hospital. They did not stood there to take responsibility of their action. They simply ran away. Some say the boy was under influence of alcohol.

When police tracked the boy, he got out on bail within a few hours. Juvenile boys father , probably a crorepati businessman, paid a fine of 1000 rupees. One thousand rupees for killing a human being! This must be a joke? Under the law of the land, this was the best police could do? Why not book father and son for aiding and abetting a murder? Some say father can be jailed for three months maximum. Even that will come after many years, if and when court pronounces father and son duo guilty. 

New juvenile justice act has been passed by parliament. Why not try this juvenile boy for much stricter charge like man slaughter? Why not put juvenile boy’s father behind bar for letting his underage son drive. We cannot call this an act where accused did not know what he was doing. He ran away from the spot means he realised something was wrong.it is time law makers revise and rewrite transport laws. How many Siddharth’s are we going to lose at the prime of their lives?

I read in news paper that Delhi Police has booked the juvenile for culpable homicide. Juvenile’s father has been booked for aiding and abetting a crime. If proven in court, the crimes may attract punishment unto ten years in prison. I think this is a good move. An exemplary punishment may stop people from letting their underage spoilt kids from driving on the road and killing innocent people.
It is time, traffic rules are framed in such a way that a person if caught driving without licence or under the influence of alcohol, as in the case of Jahnavi Gadkar, if a person ends up killing another human being, he / she should be punished in an exemplary fashion. They must financially compensate victims family, they must serve prison term and disbarment of professional licence, if any. 

I am sure, by the time case comes to court, juvenile will be ready to go to America for a bright future. Father will be old enough and ask for mercy. Battery of expensive lawyers will prove Siddharth was drunk. Siddharth should not have  been on the path of Mercedes. And last weapon will be car was being driven by someone else, may be a driver, or gardener or cook. Already one such effort was made when a driver came forward to take the blame for accident. Driver backedout when Siddharth died.

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