Drought, IPL and Society

As drought hits village after village in different districts of at least 8 – 9 states of India. We see on television men, women and children walking miles to fetch drinking water. We  hear  farmers committing suicide because of crop loss, farm animals do not have fodder and drinking water. Villagers have started moving out of villages towards cities. Many villagers have lost their source of income, many do not have access to water. This migration will create urban poor out of self sufficient farmers.   

Acute water shortage in Maharashtra has prompted Mumbai high court to order shifting of cricket match organised by Indian Premier League (IPL) out of Mumbai and  Maharashtra. Regular watering of cricket pitch appears wasteful and outrageous and it appears justified that court has asked IPL to move out of Maharashtra. Recently, supreme court of India has also upheld high court’s decision. Apart from Maharashtra, petition is filed in Rajasthan high court to move IPL out of Rajasthan. 

At this rate, very soon IPL will move out of India. Infant, BCCI is mooting such an idea. It is worth pointing out that, drought is not new to India. In Maharashtra drought is man made to a great extent. Corrupt politicians and builders have siphoned off money meant for building irrigation canals and dams.  Question should be asked by moving IPL out of Mumbai, Maharashtra and for that matter India, what succour are we providing to draught hit people? More so when IPL was using recycled sewage water for cricket pitch and generating employment for people in the state. Instead, why not ask cash rich cricket body of India (BCCI) to help out providing water to drought hit villages of the state? BCCI has waived  penalty to the tune of 41.7 million dollar due from West Indian cricket board. BCCI can certainly contribute to bringing new technology for desalination of water from sea. This may go a long way in solving people’s misery.

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