Ranthambhor and Ranthambhor Bagh

Ranthambhor is located near Swai Madhopur town of Swai Madhopur district of Rajasthan. Swai Madhopur can be reached from Delhi by road or  by rail. Nizamuddin - Kota Jan Shatabdi express takes 5 hours to reach Swai Madhopur.  I had visited Ranthambhor tiger reserve a few years earlier. It was in the month of December.... Continue Reading →

State Elections, A View From Neutral Perch

India is in election mode. Four states are in the grip of election fever. Parliamentarians who cannot arrive at a consensus on most issues, unanimously agreed to end parliament session two days early. Members would like to participate in election campaign. Among four states going to poll, BJP may have a shot at forming government in Assam.... Continue Reading →

Roznama, A View from Neutral Perch

Delhi is burning under hot sun. From 9 am in the morning onwards sun picks up pace. Earlier there used to be trees to provide shade. Progress and development has removed tress. It is concrete everywhere. So is the heat.  Less privileged go to work. Fortunate ones stay indoors. Curtains drawn, sip aam-panna and watch... Continue Reading →

Mr. Modi’s Degree, The Tussle Continues

Did prime minister Narendra Modi forge his educational qualification? With his past experience of filing nomination papers and fighting elections from Gujarat, it is unbelievable and unlikely that a politically savvy person like Mr. Modi would misrepresent his academic qualifications. More so, when law of the land does not mandate academic qualification for contesting election... Continue Reading →

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