Agusta Westland Helicopter Deal and Political Complicity

Agusta Westland helicopter deal has exploded on the nation. Several top managers of the Italian company Finmechanica have been convicted and sent to jail by an Italian court. In Indian term, the  the Italian court is equivalent to an Indian high court. As part of court record annexure one document is included that lists different categories of people to be paid. The list includes politicians, bureaucrats and military people. One family mentioned in the list, many believe family of the then air chief marshall. Also recorded as part of the judgement is a letter that describes Mrs Sonia Gandhi to be the prime mover behind the helicopter acquisition deal.  This statement made by whosoever, and how so ever dicey, is part of Italian court judgement. Now the question comes to my mind Mrs Gandhi was not part of UPA government. She was, and still is, party president. Apart from being a VVIP, she had no expertise on aircrafts and technology behind it. How can Mrs Gandhi be prime mover in chopper deal being negotiated by government of India? Why was she allowed to play the role by government?

So far congress has defended finding of Italian court with utter disdain. They have mocked government saying  “NDA is in government. Government has all the power and resource of CBI, ED etc. What stopped government from investigating?” They forget that Italian court judge had lamented that government of India, then UPA II government, did not cooperate with the court. Government did not furnish documents to court despite several requests. 

Apart from that, moment an enquiry is launched against party bosses, congress party goes to town claiming vendetta politics. They adopted the same tactics when court summoned Mrs. Sonia Gandhi and Mr. Rahul Gandhi along with others on National Herald case. When ED raided house of chief minister of Himachal Pradesh, Mr. Bir Bhadra Singh, on charge of cooking his tax return, congress cried vengeance and stalled parliament function. I guess things never change. Irrespective of the side they occupy in parliament, ruling or opposition, some parties try to shield the corrupt  sidelining national interest.

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