Roznama, A View from Neutral Perch

Delhi is burning under hot sun. From 9 am in the morning onwards sun picks up pace. Earlier there used to be trees to provide shade. Progress and development has removed tress. It is concrete everywhere. So is the heat.  Less privileged go to work. Fortunate ones stay indoors. Curtains drawn, sip aam-panna and watch TV. Delhi, at least some parts, does not face frequent power cuts these days. Unless there is a major fault, power supply is restored in 30 minutes or less. News channels provide uninterrupted entertainment. Given a choice to watch real life drama, who cares about saas-bahu serials?

With parliament in session, battle of Kurukshetra was enacted in Rajya sabha. Subramaniam Swamy and Manohar Parrikar had taken the battle to congress on behalf of the ruling party. Cornered grand old party did not have much to reply. They trashed allegations and blamed ruling party for lack of civility. Beyond the allegation, can ruling party prove its charge? Can a credible  investigation and evidence gathering nail the guilty? Or the ruling party simply wants to keep the pot boiling? These are all  million dollar questions. Only time will tell.

Smarting from blistering attack of Subramaniam Swamy in Rajya Sabha, congress is waiting for the moment when Dr. Swamy will attack his own party. Dr. Swamy has demanded sacking of RBI governor, Attorney General of India, and a timeline from government on building Ram Temple in Ayodhya. Dr. Swamy excites BJP grassroot workers.  He is a nightmare for BJP strategists and floor managers. Dr. Swamy is a like an agent that does not discriminate between friend and foe, and destroys everything on its path. Good luck BJP.

Opposition benches were excited when congress chief minister of Harish Rawat of Uttarakhand won trust vote in assembly. Many called it a victory of democracy. If a sitting chief minister has to buy his own MLAs, caught on camera, what price did he pay to bag non congress MLAs? Can this be a victory of democracy? BJP came out looking really bad. Party was blamed for death of Shaktimaan, the police horse. Horse trading continued nevertheless. BJP lost case in court and trust vote in assembly floor. Some advisor with great strategy!

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