In Killing Fields of Bihar, Revisit Intolerance Debate

Two murders in one week. One by son of a JDU MLC. Second one allegedly by hench men of a RJD goon. Don is resting in jail. His men are  killing people outside. Lawlessness is not new to Bihar. But present government has come with the promise of good governance. Mr. Nitish Kumar is called “susashan babu“, meaning an able administrator. Home ministry is with Chief Minister, Mr. Nitish Kumar. Yet, his own MLC hoards alcohol at home, her son guns down innocent teenagers. 
Last summer, a lot of awards were returned in the pretext of India becoming intolerant. Is muzzling voice of truth using henchmen not intolerance? Is gunning down young people for overtaking MLCs care not intolerance? Why no one is returning awards? Why do not hear even a muted condemnation? 

We do not see Mr Gandhi or Mr Kejriwal or Mr.  Derek O’Brien or Mr. Yechury demanding justice for the departed. Mr. Gandhi’s party shares power in Bihar. So he must speak up. Mr Kejriwal is busy collating crimes in BJP ruled states. After all, Laluji had hugged Mr. Kejriwal for nothing. It is for times like these for Mr. Kejriwal to keep quiet. 

Most conspicuous by his absence was chief minister of Bihar. Why did honourable chief minister apply balm to bereaved family? Instead, honourable chief minister was in Varanasi. Was he atoning for his alliance with RJD and praying for event free next 4.5 years. After all, Nitish ji has to become prime minister of India. 
By the way did Mr Kejriwal say a word about horrific rape and murder of a Dalit girl in Kerala? Actually, Kejriwal Ji was busy advertising his administrative success of Delhi government in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. He was using Delhi tax payers money. After all, Mr Kejriwal’s honesty has led to savings. So why not splurge a little? 
Mr. Govind Pansare and Mr. Narendra Dabholkar were gunned down, in congress ruled Maharashtra. UPAII was ruling at the centre. Yet there was no sense of intolerance. Mr. Kalburgi was gunned down in congress ruled Karnataka. Definitely, Modi has made India intolerant. How is it that when two people are gunned down in broad day light, no one talks of intolerance? Is it because journalist is not considered a rationalist? Or the journalist did not have the right caste and communal background? One has to see to appreciate double standard.

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