Inside Ranthambhor Tiger Reserve, Evening Safary

I returned to lodge very distraught and disappointed. So near yet so far! True, I had seen a tiger. But, I have no picture as proof to share and brag. I would be laughing stock of people who discouraged me from visiting at this season. 
So I approached manager. “Please change my booking from canter to a gypsy“, I demanded. 
Manager looked at me and said “Sir, I would advice against it. First you will lose all your booking money for canter. Second, not only you have to pay full amount for a seat in gypsy, your booking would be subject to someone cancelling their seat. Finally, zones your canter will visit have been planned in advance. If you make a new booking, who knows what zone Gypsy will get? I say sir, you stick to your booking on canter” 
All very logical. At the same time, it was an issue of my prestige. So I insisted, “At least try for one safari in a gypsy. Preferably the morning one, tomorrow.” 
I shall know only by early morning tomorrow, provided some vacancy arises” manager told me, not brimming with confidence.

I went up to my room for a shower and change my clothing. After breakfast, I laze around in the reading room. Bought a few souvenirs. Ranthambhore and Ranthambhore Bagh moves at a slow pace. Rooms do not have television. There is no option but to spend time with onself. Post a good lunch and siesta, I got ready for second safary of the day at 3 PM.

Outside temperature was probably in mid forties, when canter came to pick me up. Hot air was burning my exposed face and arms. Locals use a long piece of cloth tied behind their head. Cloth covers head, forehead, face, ear and nose. Only eyes remain visible.  Some sprinkle water on the cloth for cooling effect. 

Temperature had brought animals also by the side of water bodies.

Animals Near Water
Assorted Animals Near Water Body
Jackal in Water

Jackal, Cooling Itself in Water

A variety of birds were also sighted. A few pictures I am sharing. For many bird species, I do not know the name.

Tree Pie

Paradise Bird (look at its long tail)


Crested Bulbul
Tailor Bird


Tailor Bird
A Magpie among other birds

At the end of the day, I was dropped at the lodge. No tiger photo even after second safary of the day. To add insult to injury, a family, that came much later than me, had a great picture of tiger to flaunt. Who says life is fair!


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