Politics vs. Sports, Which Brexit Most Damaging

What a week for the United Kingdom. On one side England and Wales voted to leave European Union. Scotland voted to stay on. Now first minister of Scotland is comtemplating a referendum to gain independence from the United Kingdom. Thus the United Kingdom effectively has became a divided kingdom. To add insult to injury, English... Continue Reading →

Indian NSG Bid, Nothing to be Embarrassed About

India, lead by prime minister Modi, made hectic effort to sway international political leaders to support India securing a seat in Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG). India came up against stiff opposition from China. Not only China questioned India's credential as a nation that did not sign Non Proliferation Treaty, China also pushed case for candidacy... Continue Reading →

Small Person in High Position

In life we meet people in positions of power. Many of them are their not because of merit. They are there, because they know right people. These people try to make up their incompetency by engaging in power games. An incompetent thesis supervisor makes irrelevant demand of student. Student is forced to comply because  supervisor... Continue Reading →

Culling Wild Animals Abhorrent but Choices are Limited

A battle has erupted between environment minister Prakash Javdekar on one side, and noted animal right activist and central minister Ms Maneka Gandhi along with animal rights groups on the other. Issue at hand is permission granted by environment ministry to kill Nilgai in Bihar. Activists representing animal rights groups call killing of Nilgai in Bihar... Continue Reading →

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